Soft Lips for Valentines Day!


I don’t know about you, but this time of year my lips are so dry and chapped. In these colder months, we need to nurture our lips and bodies. Lots of moisture and yes, even on your lips! I find I drink a lot of water, but my lips still tend to be dry and chapped. If you aren’t drinking enough water this is one way to help with taking care of moisture loss in the winter and being in the dry homes with heat. You can also try using a humidifier at night too. Also make sure you exfoliate your lips once a week or every other week to get the dead skin off. An easy at home recipe to use is combine sugar and olive oil in a dish.  Try and create a consistency you like where you have more sugar than olive oil. You can use your finger then gently rub the product across your lips.   

I  found this recipe ( Rose Mountain Herbs Catalog) to use on your lips in these winter months. I modified it to be my own recipe. This is a roll-on lip oil. Your lips will be so soft and kissable:). I love it  as it has rose buds in it to celebrate all the love that you are and to remind you of this daily.

Hope you celebrate the love all week and this is just another way to nurture yourself.


This recipe filled 6 , 10 ml roll-top bottles. Make some for your loves, family or friends!

-10 ml roll-top bottles.

-Measuring teaspoons

-Rose hips- I only had a little bit, so I sprinkled them in each one I made. So whatever you have . You don’t need a lot. This vibrates love and an open heart!

-Jojoba Oil  1/4 cup of Organic Jojoba Oil

-Castor Oil-  2 Tbsp Organic Castor Oil

-Olive  Oil-    1/4 Tsp or Organic Olive Oil

-Essential Oils-

Carrot Seed – 3 drops

Vetiver- 3 drops

How to make:

-Fill each bottle with a few sprinkles of rose hips.

-Combine jojoba, castor oil and olive oil together in a glass jar and mix. I used a chop stick to stir it. Then take the essential oils of your choice if you don’t like these ones and  take another small glass jar/container and mix the 2 essential oils together to marry them. 

-Then combine the essential oils and the carrier oils into one and pour them into the roller bottles with the rose hips at the bottom.

Tip: Use a measuring cup that has a spot to pour from to make it easier. I used really small measuring glass containers that helped make this way less messy. 

So easy and your lips feel the LOVE!

Thank you!





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