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Private make-up lesson

This one-on-one class is for any individual looking to polish up their daily make-up routine or learn special make-up techniques for a special event.

Perfect for:

  • The make-up beginner who wants to increase their proficiency
  • The bride whose wish is to do her own make-up on the big day
  • The actress, model, or beauty professional who wants to create and refine her go-to make-up look

Group lesson

Grab a group of friends for an evening filled with make-up and fun! During this three-hour session, you and your guests will choose a make-up look to master, learn new techniques, ask questions, and have a fantastic time. Minimum four people.

Perfect for:

  • The bride or bridesmaid who wants a fun experience for the bridal party
  • The woman treating her friends to an awesome girls’ night in
  • The mother who wants to create an unforgettable party for her daughter

Make-up kit makeover

Do you have a pile of make-up products that you never use? Or maybe you’ve been using the same cosmetics for years and you’re ready for an update? During this individual consultation, I will help you decide which products to keep, which products to toss, and which essentials will make your new cosmetic routine complete.

Perfect for:

  • The woman who wants to switch up her look
  • The girl who wants to graduate to better quality products
  • The model, actress, or bride who wants to purchase professional-grade cosmetics

Personal make-up shopping

An accompanying service for either the individual make-up lesson or the make-up kit makeover. If you don’t have time to purchase any products recommended for you or do not know where to find them, I can purchase the exact products I suggested for you and deliver them.

Perfect for:

  • The woman who dislikes shopping
  • The busy professional who lacks the time to track each product down

Total Pamper Package

The one-on-one lesson + make-up kit makeover + personal make-up shopping = Total Pamper Package.

Perfect for:

  • The woman who wants to revitalize her beauty routine and take her make-up application skills to the next level, without having to do the shopping


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