Natural Beauty at ANY AGE!

I love natural beauty and how gorgeous she is in her own skin with a few beauty items! Goes to show that beauty radiates from within! Less is more ladies... as we get more mature and wise.

Healthy body= Healthy skin! Benefits of Berries!

    Are you aware of the many benefits of berries that support the skin? Antioxidants Vitamin C Boosts memory Collagen production Circulation Immunity boosting Reduces Inflammation    

Juniper Berry Beauty Secrets

Juniper Berry Juniperus communis  Part of Plant Used: Steam distilled from crushed, dried or partly dried ripe berries. Aroma: Fresh, fruity, warm, woody, sweet and a pine-needle aroma. Grown in: Northern Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and...

Nourishing Body Balm

My hands and body have been so flaky and my cuticles are a mess! It’s surprising because I use all types of moisturizing soaps and oils, drink lots of water and take supplements. I made this blend to nourish my skin and be ready for the spring! This is good for all...

Introducing SLOW DOWN Aroma Spray!

✨ What is SLOW DOWN AROMA SPRAY? ✨ Introducing a Chicago made aroma spray made with love, intention & light!  A blend of natural and organic(whenever possible) ingredients and fragrant flowers that embodies a sense of a calming and collective soul. ...

Valentines Day Kisses!

Soft Lips for Valentines Day!   I don’t know about you, but this time of year my lips are so dry and chapped. In these colder months, we need to nurture our lips and bodies. Lots of moisture and yes, even on your lips! I find I drink a lot of water, but my lips...

Love this Mascara! Review of ILIA Limitless Mascara

 I have finally found my favorite mascara and it's less toxic than a lot of other brands! I LOVE Limitless Lash from ILIA mascara!  Organic beeswax, carnuba waxes and shea butter are listed in the top 3 ingredients! No Coal Tar in this one! We do have to be conscious...

Fall Health… Facial Steam with Eucalyptus Oil to the Rescue!

Eucalyptus radiata         It's that time of year where the season is changing and germs are everywhere! I was under the weather with some cold/sinus bug. I was so stuffy and congested and tried my best to stay away from any meds. A useful oil for this time of year I...



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