After the first of the new year, I love to create a new energy in my space! If you know me, you know I love creating a space using aromas! A  few easy ways to create new energy in your space is to use essential oils. Lets stick to some basic, single essential oils.

But before you use the oils, you can use another one of my favorite tools – SAGE. This is a stronger smoky smell…so just to be aware. This is good to go all around your home and go around doorways, windows, entrances and exits.  Think of something you want to let go of and clear, or better yet…something you want to invite into your space? Think of this when you are moving around all over your place cleansing the energy in each room. Also be mindful, the ashes will come off easily with the sage, so make sure to have something to catch the ashes.

Here are a few essential oils I love to use to create a new energy!

1.  Lemongrass( Cymbopogon citratus) : This is a stronger-lemony essential oil as it makes a room smell fresh! This oil is good for clearing space and creating focus. It can also reduce stress and help you feel more grounded. This is a good oil to clean with too. Just make sure to wear gloves if so, this is very harsh on the skin.  Use about 3 drops in diffuser as it’s a strong aroma.

2. Orange ( Citrus sinensis  ) : This oil is rich with sunshine!  I love how this aroma can brighten a room. This can bring about more confidence, joy and peace! If you need some uplifting and want to digest some ideas or feelings, this is a good one. Use 5 drops in diffuser.

3. Peru Balsam  (Myroxylon balsamum) : This smells like the woods. I love this scent! It’s calming, grounding and this makes me feel supported. It has a vanilla like smell and very has a depth to it. If you want your home to smell cozy and inviting…this is it!  Use 5 drops in terra cotta tea light diffuser.

4.  Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) : This has an earthy, kind of fruity, spicy aroma! This is good for meditation, quieting the mind and connecting with your inner light. This oil can be good for bringing about more inner love and support; therefore attracting more love into your life.  Use 5 drops in diffuser.

When using these oils, the easiest way to use them in a room would be a electric diffuser. Though when using a thicker oil like (Peru Balsam) you would want to use this terra cotta tea light diffuser so you don’t ruin your electric diffuser.



-Do not diffuse in a small room with babies, small pets and or the elderly.

-Diffuse for only 30 min a day.

-Clean out after each oil use with alcohol to keep it clean and keep from the aromas mixing.

Thanks for reading! Keep following me to learn more!






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