I have finally found my favorite mascara and it’s less toxic than a lot of other brands! I LOVE Limitless Lash from ILIA mascara!  Organic beeswax, carnuba waxes and shea butter are listed in the top 3 ingredients! No Coal Tar in this one! We do have to be conscious of what is in our mascara for ourselves and our environment. I know it’s so hard to switch from Dior Diorshow, Benefit Mascaras or even Maybelline great lash( which I love). If you only wear these from time to time for special occasions, I am sure it’s not as much exposure to these toxins. But if you find yourself wanting to clean up your makeup kit…I do love this one!

This mascara is made of natural & organic ingredients, 100% natural dye and cruelty free! I love how buildable it can be and it even strengthens your lashes with the fortifying arginine ingredient! I love the shape of the brush wand and how you can easily separate the lashes, build volume …and it DOESN’T FLAKE or crease on your lid area!!!! That’s one of my favorite things! I am happy that this is also less toxic than other commercial brands that I have used. I use a lot of moisture and oils on my face and this mascara held up ALL day without budging or smudging on my eyelid. I honestly have never been so happy about a mascara! AND another cool quality is when you wipe the mascara off…just use warm water and it comes off, SO EASY! NO using oils to remove this or rubbing your lashes and taking them out one by one! I highly recommend this mascara!

Hope you enjoyed the read and it has opened your eyes to using healthy, safe, and clean cosmetics.





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