Eucalyptus radiata        

It’s that time of year where the season is changing and germs are everywhere! I was under the weather with some cold/sinus bug. I was so stuffy and congested and tried my best to stay away from any meds. A useful oil for this time of year I like to keep on hand is Eucalyptus Oil. This will clear your sinuses!

What I used was 5-6 drops of the Eucalyptus Oil. First boil some water…then transfer the boiled water into a metal bowl that can handle the temp; be cautious as it will be very hot! Make sure to use something to protect your hands when moving the bowl. Add to the steamed water, 5-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil. Find a comfortable place to sit and do the steam inhalation. You can grab a towel, put it over your head over the steam bowl. Enjoy and breathe the steam to your comfort level. I like to add soothing music in the background to help me relax and sit from 5-10 min. However long you feel comfortable.

When your done, you feel so fresh and renewed!  You feel so open after that. I would say do this a few times throughout the day, especially if you are super stuffy!  Eucalyptus is good for cleaning the air and helps relieve some nasal congestion. It has a strong camphor odor that is fresh and rejuvenating. Eucalyptus is good for clearing space, uplifting energy and refreshing! This also can be used in your diffuser to clear and refresh the air in your space. Just be cautious of small kids and animals and not to use these in enclosed areas for an extended period of time.


Thanks for reading!


Photo by:  Daria Shevtsova




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