What an amazing week I have had at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy! I am changing some gears with work and I want to incorporate essential oils into my business.  It was an intense week in learning all about the 30 different oils ( starter oils), we studied the chemistry behind them and all the ways we can come up with an essences for our clients. I learned so much and met some amazing people and had a blast!

Thank you Amy Galper and Jade Shutes who did an amazing job with the class and sharing all the immense knowledge they have accumulated over the last 25 years. Amy and Jade have combined both The New York Institute of Aromatherapy and The School for Aromatic Studies together for a more complete educational experience. I am so grateful for the amazing experience and excited to become certified in aromatherapy! 

Below are some shots from a hand sanitizer and a body scrub that was made. Here is Amy making some infused oils and melting some wax.



Stay tuned to see more creations! Thanks for reading. XO DD



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