Recently I was with an amazing makeup artist friend Karen Koenig and we had decided to have a painting party! It was so nice to let it all go and have no plan and just start moving my hands with the brush and go with it. It was very liberating and felt so good to create without a plan. I love color and I was pleasantly surprised how this turned out. At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it. Then hours later I came back to look at it and I ended up liking it more! I recommend everyone trying this and being in the moment and try not to put too much thought into it. This was very relaxing and calming! Here is the finished product!

Chicago D2makeup and Hair Creative projectAnother Creative Project…

Created with the talented Chicago Photographer Jason Riker and our lovely dance model Audrey. We decided to just play around with texture on the body with pigment and paint! This was a fun project!



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