Ladies, if you are wondering what the trends are for the summer and are up for a new style or at least a new look, here are some styles you can try. I know some of these hairstyles can be easy to do and if you feel they are not, please be advised to go see a professional hairstylist. If you don’t know one, ask around with someone who has a great hairstyle. These styles are great ideas when I am working on set; it’s nice to have these in my back pocket for my on-camera talent. As a working professional makeup artist and hairstylist, you have to be ready for changes and up-to-date styles, always.

Straight, Blunt Hair & BOBS-

This is good for fine textured hair (if you want it straight)…I have also seen the BOB with natural curls too, and it looks cute!  

                                   Photo by: GETTY IMAGES + DIA DIPASUPIL

Textured, natural curls– This is always a good trend to follow in the summer, especially when dealing with humidity! Just make sure to use the right products.

I found this new product I love to use with Texture/Natural  Curls: TreLuxe which is produced here in Chicago. Smells so good and defines your curls with the right hold and not too wet looking and conditions your hair too! It has Aloe Vera as an ingredient, which can be hydrating and conditioning to the hair cuticle. A softer version of a gel.   






Low ponytail – I love this trend! I find with my natural texture, it is easy to achieve this. This is great for all hair textures! You can do a part, no part, whatever you feel best in!  

                                                        Photo by: Billy Rood

70’s swoop– This has long layers and a swoop. Make sure to give a flip on the ends to add to the style! This can be re-created on med to long shoulder length hair. So sassy and sexy!

Baby bangs– This style is def good for most textures! I know for me with bangs and curly, textured hair, they are a pain to work with (in my opinion). You have to fight with the wave and it flips and I just couldn’t stand the upkeep and fight with making sure they were laying down. Not very low maintenance. So if you have straight hair and even a bit of wave, this could be super cute on you! 

                                                      Photo by: Getty Images


Elle  & Harper’s Bazaar

Thanks so much for reading!! xo




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