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Hoping everyone had a nice holiday! Wow, is it cold out and my skin is not happy! It is really dry, and about a month ago it was acting out and breaking out in certain areas. In my opinion,  hydrosols have been a good addition to my skin care, which in turn, has helped with keeping it looking it’s best. You can learn more about hydrosols, what they are and how they can help you step up your skin care routine, in all seasons… depending on the ingredients.

Do you know what hydrosols are?

Hydrosols or Hydrolats are waters that are made from the distillation process of essential oils, that are extracted by the specific botanical species. Hydrosols are made from what is left over from the water- soluble components of the aromatic plant that retains a small amount of essential oil. This is NOT the same as an aromatic spritzer either…which would be essential oils and water mixed together (which would then need to be shaken up prior to use, due to the oil separation.) Hydrosol is what is created in part of the distillation process in making an essential oil. This is great way for using essential oils, in a lighter and more delicate way.

I really love hydrosols! They add a different element to my skin care routine. They smell lovely and feel so hydrating and refreshing on the skin. These can also be used as a toner to get extra oil or dirt off the face. They are nice to use after you just applied your makeup to set it nicely on the skin. I love to refresh in the middle of the day, it adds an extra layer of hydration in the colder, dryer months. You can also add it into your bath, for a nice relaxing experience( up to 8 ounces).  I love how the aroma helps me feel present and in the moment. I feel good knowing you are feeding your face and body, with a loving, pure ingredient. 

My favorite hydrosol for the winter is Neroli, Orange Blossom. My skin has been being finicky with the weather.  I love that it helps add an ease in my day and helps to keep me grounded when I use it. I have been using a few spritzes on my face and decollate after my moisturizer and I am also using in the evening. I know Lavender and Chamomile hydrosols are good to add for the winter months and also in the summer months. Hydrosols are nice to use before bed, as they help you get relaxed from your day and to ease your way into sleep. 

Here are a few companies that sell nice hydrosols. The companies vary what they carry seasonally, depending on the time of year and what’s available.

Swiss Aromatics &  Enfleurage 

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Foundations of Aromatherapy: Certification Program. Textbook by Jade Shutes

The School for Aromatic Studies/ NY Institute of Aromatherapy



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