I found this line, Shea Radiance through my monthly subscription to Goodbeing. Goodbeing is a great subscription to  eco-friendly, health conscious brands where you get products delivered to your home, each month. You have a few different options for subscription levels depending on your lifestyle and budget. I love my Goodbeing subscription! It allows me to experience new, health- conscious and environmentally friendly products.

Shea Radiance Keratin Deep Conditioner Hair Mask was one of the samples I received last month. I love the product and learned so much about how they are helping women in West Africa. This company is creating a platform for women to gain more confidence, financial freedom and the ability to share with each other about the industry and how they can better prepare and protect themselves, ensuring more stability and longevity in this industry. Shea Radiance is creating change for women in West Africa. These products have a high percentage of Shea Butter in the products, which means high in anti-aging benefits and it gives your skin such a rich, luxurious moisture.

Shea Radiance was founded by Funlayo Alabi, CEO & Co-Founder. According to Shea Radiance’s mission page, here are some interesting tidbits of information on what this company does to support the women in Africa. All of the products are made from artisan craftswomen from cooperatives in West Africa.

Sourced from Shea Radiance Website

*16,000,000 women make their livelihood from Shea and they bring home a small amount of $1.25 a day in West Africa.

*SHEA RADIANCE creates interactive, socially impactful education campaigns to support and protect women in the Shea industry.

*In March of 2013, Shea Radiance trained more than 300 small businesses to Think Global and Act Local through a selection of workshops including soap making, formulation, access to finance, business plan development, and marketing. Shea butter is an incredible gift to women on so many levels – from the Shea producer in the village, to the small business owner who manufactures products for the local market.

After trying this lovely sample, here is my review. I have to say it smells divine and makes my hair super soft! The smell invites you in with fresh scents and is made with pure Shea butter! What’s nice about this is it’s good for really kinky, curly and damaged hair. I have natural wavy hair with some dryness and damage. I figured it would be very moisturizing to my hair. Be careful with the amount used: a little bit goes a long way.

I like to use Shea Radiance Keratin Deep Conditioner Hair Mask about 2 times a month. It definitely makes my hair soft, shiny, and the product smells yummy!  Make sure to apply it first to your ends and THEN work a small amount up your hair shaft. It can be heavy, so you don’t want to get too much at your roots, causing greasy hair really quickly!

I would def support this line of products and love their mission. This is an inspiring company that will continue to change the lives of many women and is truly a beautiful thing!

Source: Shea Moisture website



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