Have you heard of the benefits for broccoli seed oil for the skin and hair? There are so many oils that keep coming out and I love learning about all of them. They cold press this seed from broccoli sprouts. Adult broccoli starts out as broccoli sprouts first. Broccoli sprouts are layered with nutritional value.

Here are some benefits of this oil:

Hair- This oil is lightweight and has a silicone feel. It reduces frizz, conditions split ends and you can even use it to hydrate and stimulate your scalp and even help with hair growth. Though if you use it on the scalp, you may have to rinse it a few times. Use this oil sparingly. You may want to use only a drop at a time and see how that feels on the hair first. You can work your way with more after you see how your hair feels after use and how much is needed with your texture and type of hair.


Loaded with Vitamins!

Vitamin C- fights premature aging and helps reduce free-radicals in the skin.

Vitamin A -helps with cell turnover and acts as a natural retinol. This helps with exfoliation on the skin surface (dry skin build-up) and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin K- helps with inflammation.


It defends against damaged skin from UV exposure.

Skin Types

You can use this on ALL skin types.

This is especially good for mature skin,  it has all the benefits I have mentioned above and many more. 

Combination and oily skin can use this oil too! It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly. This is very hydrating and emollient without feeling heavy. Just because you have oily skin or combo-skin, doesn’t mean you don’t need moisture. You still do!

Just make sure you do a patch test on a small section of your skin to make sure you don’t have any skin reactions.


SKIN-When applying… start with smaller amounts and if your skin can handle more, try a bit more. I would start with 1-2 drops and pat it on the skin lightly, all over. Make sure to pull your hair off your face, as it will take a minute to absorb. (Hair can get greasy, if your not careful with your hair.) You may need to mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil if you have sensitive skin. If you use 1-2 drops of the broccoli oil you would use maybe 1- 2  drops of coconut oil.

HAIR– Start with 1-2 drops to see how your hair handles the oil. Always start on the ends, if your hair is dry. Don’t go too high up the hair shaft, as you will put too much on and it could look oily. Play around if you have natural wavy hair or curly hair…try it when you get out of the shower. You can wait for it to dry for about 10 min. Then apply the oil at the ends and  work your way up the hair shaft. It’s always a work in progress when you work with new products and the amount of product you use. Good to always start with a small amount first!

Where to find Broccoli Seed Oil??

I went to Amazon and I am trying this brand. 

Email me if you have any questions! Thanks for reading.

Hope you enjoyed learning!


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