Have you ever been to a Russian Bath house?

It’s a great experience! My friend regularly goes and invited me. It was so cool! You walk in and you’re greeted, they give you a towel, robe and sandals. Then you see a restaurant in the back and you go down some stairs. Men’s room is off on one side and women’s is on the other. There are options to go to a few rooms… hot tubs and different saunas.  

We walked into the dry hot sauna room and there was this Russian gentleman with a bundle of leafy oak twigs who offered to give us a scrubbing called a Venik massage. We were like okay; we will try this!! You lie down on a towel, he used the oak twigs to gently massage the front and back of your body and even all over your face. Don’t worry, they soak the oak before to soften it. This room is beyond HOT!!!! This is suppose to rid the body of toxins and help with circulation and exfoliation. Then after you’re done, you pour FREEZING COLD water on you. So refreshing; it felt so good after!

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to drink LOTS and LOTS of water during this process and after! I thought I drank enough and I still ended up with a headache later from not hydrating enough. Very relaxing experience. Lesson learned, drink lots of water!

Overall, I would do it again and maybe at least once a month! You should try it sometime!

Benefits of Hot Saunas:

  1. Glowing skin.
  2. Exfoliation.
  3. Good for the immune system.
  4. Opens pores and helps cleanse the body.
  5. Rids body of toxins and bacteria.
  6. Helps with Elasticity in the skin ( Anti-aging).
  7. Improves blood flow and circulation.
  8. Relaxation.


Banya101Russian Bath

Red Square
1914 W Dvision St
Chicago, Il 60622
Phone : (773) 227-2284



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