I am always looking for new mascaras that are healthier and deliver. But I know a lot of the market mascaras have parabens and other harmful ingredients that we don’t want in our cosmetics. Pacifica’s Aquarian Glaze- Water Resistance Mineral Formula was what I wanted to try out. Here is my review…

This formula lengthens and seperates the lashes real nice! You have to put a few coats on to give extra volume and you will want to do it while it’s still wet. So make sure to move quick if you want to add a few coats. I like the fact that this brand is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. I use a lot of oil on my face daily for hydrating and the mascara stayed pretty good all day and didn’t flake much!  Pacifica’s formula is made with coconut oil, kelp extract and vitamin B which are all ingredients that are moisturizing and better for your lashes.

This stuff is a bit hard to remove… so when removing. make sure to use a warm hand towel or a small cotton pad with warm water and some coconut oil, cover it over the eye for a couple of seconds, let it sit for a sec. Then gently roll downward to remove the mascara. My grade for this product…

Brush applicator-A

Water- Resistant-A


I liked this formula. Though they need to work on removing a few more toxic ingredients. Still better than other formulas that are mainstream. I will keep searching for more!

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