Here are some ideas on how to stay cool and look your best in this hot weather!

The most important thing while enjoying this summer is to stay hydrated! I found my new favorite coconut water that is not too sweet and tastes so good! It’s called O.N.E. You can buy it at Whole Foods or I found it on Amazon if you want to buy it in bulk.

Out-of-pool hair or A.K.A. “Wet Look” hair. You can create this by having your hair wet, grab some hair gel that has a strong hold. Get a wide tooth comb, create the shape you want and comb it towards the back of your head. Use your blow dryer to heat the front section of the hair to make sure it holds up. The heat will help hold the shape in this heat/ humidity.


BRAIDS/TWISTS are always great in the summer! Nice to have the hair off the face and neck.

Pasted Graphic
Natural textured hair is always an easy go to if you have any type of wave in your hair. Even if you don’t, you can just use a volumizing spray or mouse to create texture. My favorite in-expensive product is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray. It smells really good! It gives a dry texture to your stands. You can find this at Target or Walgreens. Love this to create texture.


Eye options-
Kohl black liner rimmed closely around the eyes. Do this messily…not too perfect. If you want more of a trendy look, try under eye-liner only, apply it thicker underneath. Flicks of liner are always in style. Brows are natural.
Lips-soft browns, pinky-lilac and red matte lipsticks are great colors for the summer.
Skin- Dew, natural and bronzed cheeks if your feeling a beachy vibe or want some color and glow on your cheeks.










Photography on left is by Nina Ottolino and the photo on the right is by Emily Gualdoni.

Another fun trend for the summer are faux freckles. You can make them using a brown pencil and apply the pencil softly to the nose and cheek area where they would naturally be.

Here’s an how to create the faux freckles …

Hats- These are good for days when your hair is not at it’s best or when you don’t feel like doing your hair. Love these!


Hope you enjoyed reading and stay cool:)!





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