Recently I was very fortunate to visit the beautiful country of Mexico. I was so grateful to be able to experience this trip with one of my favorite girlfriends.

I love to travel and experience different cultures and ways of living.The best part of traveling is learning more about yourself and comfort zones and pushing past these walls.

Mexico is so beautiful, rich and inviting! On this trip I was able to visit 3 different areas. Cancun, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. My favorite would defintiely be Tulum.I definitely felt a sense of grounding and closer to myself here. We were able to experience so much! We biked to the ruins, walked thru the jungle in the pouring rain and had fresh mahi-mahi ceviche beach side! All the while, my fears were just waiting for me to work through.

One of my fears is water…I am not a strong swimmer and what lurks under the water…terrifies me. I also have a fear of being out in the open during a storm. Well…yep, that happened one of the days in Tulum. We wanted to experience a cenote, but in order to get there we had to walk 45 min down this dirt path ( in the jungle) to reach these beautiful underground caves.


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It was hot and the sky was dark! It was going to storm! As we were walking in route, it started raining…then pouring and we had some miles to go! There were puddles of water, mud and lots of mosquitos! UGH….way out of my comfort zone of city living! I was slipping and slidding in my sandals and I was moving slow and thinking over every puddle, OMG…are there snakes under here waiting to get me??! I know seems very imaginative, but it could be real. At least in my head it seemed real. I could barely see as rain was constantly dripping in my eyes; not the most comfortable I’ve been. Real fast I had to get over my fears and keep pushing ahead! Mind over matter and QUICK!

Finally we had made it to the underground caves (cenote)! Agh I was relieved! Well at least for a minute! Next we were going to SWIM in these underground caves and there are bats flying, fish underwater and who knows what else was lurking. I put my life jacket on and slowly got into the water. WHOA, it was way cold!! I had finally calmed down from the rain storm and being out in the jungle, now another hurdle! I was kind of freaking out internally and very tense about being in the water. Thinking about all the freaky un-known things in the water.

After about 15 min, I was able to relax and let go of the unknown. It was still cold, but I was able to see the beauty in these caves after I had let go of my fear. I was grateful for being in the moment and being surrounded by such beauty, even in uncertainty. After we left the caves, the day ended with a sense of serenity. We met up with my friends’ old friend and enjoyed the breath taking view of the beach and fresh ceviche! I had a moment where I was lounging in a hammock, staring out into the ocean and thinking…how grateful I am for this moment! What a day! That was a very peaceful moment.

I am so grateful for being able to do what I love with passion and how it allows me to travel to foreign lands and stretch my inner walls of comfort and let in all the beauty in this world.Sometimes you have to push through your own fears and know it will all be ok!



Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!






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