I recently found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends whom  I’ve known since the second grade is battling the most aggressive form of breast cancer. This was a very surreal and scary thing to find out, and many thoughts have gone through my mind–I have felt many emotions. I wanted to learn more about how I can help support those battling this ugly disease.

Rewind. A few months back, I met this beautiful soul, Khit, who is a very cheerful and upbeat woman. I just loved her energy immediately! Khit is one strong woman who has beaten cancer not once, but twice! She is so inspiring, and invited me to an event at the Godfrey Hotel promoting Imerman Angels.

Imerman Angels is an organization that helps cancer patients and caregivers obtain support from a “Mentor Angel.” These mentor angels help create one-on-one support systems for those fighting cancer along with their caregivers by sharing their experiences. Imerman finds the individuals support by pairing them up with people from all around the world that are around the same age, gender, and who have faced the same type of cancer. Wow, what a wonderful support system and it’s free of cost!

If you are interested in learning more or donating to Imerman Angels, please visit: Imermanangels.org. If you’re in the Chicago area, they’re always having many events around the city!

Here is a pic of my new friends Megan(left) and Khit(right) at this event.




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