Lemon, Coconut Oil, Mask, and Essential Oil




Is your skin feeling dry and looking dull? I know my skin gets extra dry in the winter! I also know that living in a big city like Chicago, you are exposed to environmental toxins every day. I came across this natural facial that is pretty easy and does wonders for hydration and making your skin look its best. If you are taking care of your skin and making sure you are drinking lots of water, your skin will be happy and glowing!

Here are simple steps to beautiful skin…



1. Boil a pot of water then pour into a heat resistant bowl. You can add the essential to the mixture; I would recommend lavender, as it is a calming essential oil. Remember to only use a few drops.

2. While the water is boiling in the pot, use coconut oil to cleanse the face of dirt and or makeup.Wipe off with a clean cloth.

3. Take a towel and cover your head over the steamed bowl; your head should be about 6 inches above the bowl. Make a cover so no cold air gets in the steam. BE CAREFUL–don’t get too close! VERY HOT!!! Relax and breathe in the steam for about 3 min–this is steaming your pores.

4. After done steaming…Pat dry with a clean towel. Take fresh lemon and cut in half. Take the lemon and rub all over your face. AVOID EYES! This is a natural exfoliant that will clear away dead skin.

5. Apply a mask: Dry skin: I recommend the Nourishing Cleansing Balm by Beautycounter. Let it sit for 15 minutes or you can use and leave it on overnight for extra hydration. For Combo/Oily skin use NOW Solutions: Red Clay mask. It comes in powder form that you mix with water to create a paste. You can get this from Whole Foods or online.  After 15 minutes, wipe off face and pat your skin dry, then apply coconut oil or favorite oils or moisturizer!

Voila! Beautiful Skin!





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