Duomo Milan  ITALY

Duomo Milan ITALY


I recently got back from a trip to Italy. If you ever get a chance to travel there, I highly recommend it! Beautiful, amazing place to visit! I love to travel, though the worst part for me is packing my beauty products. If I could bring everything from my bathroom , that would be awesome,but nope, isn’t going to happen. This was for pleasure and not for work, so what I had to pack was just for personal use. It can be overwhelming to pack, especially when you want to pack everything! I like to pack light and I don’t want to bring a lot of products.


The key is SIMPLIFY!  You need to be especially careful with packaging of liquid items and make sure they are all in 3 oz containers if you are carrying them on the plane.  Some containers may leak or break open and that would not be fun to clean up. I brought my makeup and my other tolietries I wanted to freshen up with in my carry-on bag. It’s helpful to bring multi-purpose products. Here is my top 5 favorite travel products to carry on the plane.






1.  Evian Facial Spray       

This product is great to bring with you while traveling! The humidity levels are so low when your on the plane, which can make your skin super dry! Make sure to spray on your face before the flight and after you land. It is also important to use an extra rich cream to hydrate your skin before hand too. Which leads me to my 2nd favorite product…

2. Embryolisse Lait-Creme

Love this product! This product is from France and is well worth it! It makes your skin super supple and well moisturized. I used this product the night before and definitely the next day! You can even use this as a hand cream.

3. Anti-Puff Garnier Roller

This product is great for refreshing under your eyes and de-puffs the under the eye . Caffeine is one of the ingredients that helps with puffiness. This wakes you up and feels so nice and cool on your skin. If your tired and have had a long night the night before! This is great for red-eye flights!

4. Becca Skin Tints

What’s great about these products is you can use them for cheeks and lips! They are sheer and are easy to build upon and have great lasting power. They are oil-free and are made with Vitamin E. This is one item that has a multi-purpose use and has a great collection of colors that look great on all skin tones.

5. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

This is one of my favorite products to open the eyes and make your eyelashes look great! This curls so nicely and I notice a difference, when I don’t use it. Makes your eyelashes look pretty and keeps you from looking tired while lifting your lashes.


Hope you have enjoyed this post! Please feel free to comment below!






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