As I was looking for some inexpensive finds at the drugstore, I came across the brand Milani. They have some great color glosses! I have used their products before and was quite happy with them, figured I give them a go again!

I was searching for some fun  new summer colors to put in my makeup kit. I noticed these bright, vibrant shades of the Brilliant Shine Lipgloss line that I was drawn to. I picked 3 shades that were sheer, bright and fresh for the spring/ summer.  These glosses look more vibrant in the packaging. The shades from this collection that stood out to me were Ravish Rasberry/06, Sweet Grapefruit/09, Mai-Tai/02. They are pretty sheer, but if you want to add them on top of a lip liner to add more depth or just wear them alone!

These were a steal of a deal and were quite inexpensive! I actually ended up only paying just $3 after I used my cash bonus rewards at CVS! What a deal!

Here’s what they look like on my lips:

Top is Ravish Rasberry                                                         BLOGGLOSSJUN14swatchsm



Middle is Sweet Grapefruit



Bottom is Mai-Tai


I did end up using a nude lipliner as a base to help it from not bleeding outward and wanting more even control with the color. Lets say you want to go more intense with the colors, you can add your own favorite lip liner color as a base that has a bright color. If you are hesitant of bright color; try the gloss solo.


One more thing that is especially important! Make sure to scrub all the dead skin off your lips, before using gloss! Silly as it sounds, we may still have some lingering dead skin from the winter. So another good product I just found out and about while getting a spray tan from a sweet makeup artist in the Chicago. She had raved about the line Jane Iredale. She had commented on a product called Sugar and Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper which is vegan/gluten and cruelty free. Love this, makes lips so soft and tastes good and it is made of good ingredients that you will love! This makes your lips nice and smooth, healthy and plump!






Have fun with some color!

Enjoy!! xo



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