In the hot, humid summer, we all know we don’t feel like loading our faces with products. May it be we are heading to the beach and don’t want to go bare faced and or heading to the office and want to look professional. We all want to look our best, when facing the world.

Here are some of my personal favorite products that I like to use in the summer for when I want to be polished and not loaded with makeup.

Summertime Makeup
First, it’s important to use a product with SPF (sun protection factor) to protect our skin from the harsh elements of the sun.
BB creams are good for the summer.  A few of my favorite are … RIMMEL and SMASHBOX (for more oily skin) and IMAN. BB creams act as a primer, sun protector , moisturizer all in one. Though they are light coverage and they just give you a bit of polish, if you don’t feel like much on your face .
Next is a primer for the lid. This is also important, you don’t want your shadow to disappear after an hour with the heat. My favorite is Put A Lid On It by the Balm. Love this eye primer…has great lasting power and does not move once you put your shadow on.
I love the ANASTASIA BROW WIZ  in Caramel. It goes on nice and has staying power.

I like MAC: MOISTURE-COVER CONCEALER. This is really light weight and is not too drying around my eyes. It diffuses any fine lines and is more light to med coverage. A good drugstore brand is by Maybelline- SUPERSTAY CONCEALER.

Water proof mascara- VOLUMINOUS HYDRO-FUDGE by LOREAL.  Before putting mascara on , it is important to make sure to curl your lashes. What a difference it makes in opening up your eyes and making a simple look, more polished.

Another favorite product is ELF: GOLDEN BRONZER. This is a inexpensive product to make you look golden and have a pretty glow. You can use the lighter colors on the lid and or all the colors. It has 4 colors and the point is to mix and match all .Use the bronzer on eyelids and on cheeks. You can find ELF at Target stores. They also have good blushes too and some good glosses by ELF.

If you don’t want shimmer and want a pretty flush of color I recommend using BECCA: BEACH TINTS. They double as a cheek color and a lip stain. Just make sure to not put anything under your lips before, as they don’t stick as good. It may feel a bit dry too…though I like the tint of color staying for a few hours. My favorites are Raspberry and Watermelon and Guava. So pretty! You will become addicted! Make sure to shake the product first before squeezing it out of the tube, as it does need to be mixed a bit.

If you want something for your lips that feels good and just gives a sheer pretty color is HEMP ORIGINALS  in EARTH. I personally like this color and it feels really good on my lips! This was found at Whole Foods.

Now for more staying power… I like URBAN DECAY: MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY: ALL NIGHTER, for when you want the makeup to last!

Hope this was informative to all you makeup lovers!








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