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Favorite winter products

I know Chicago winters can be brutal! The wind and cold tempatures are just rough on our skin! Here you are left with dry, flaky, itchy skin… and you can’t seem to keep the moisture in the skin! It is important to make sure to change your routine with your hair and skin when the weather and it’s conditions change.

So here are some products I love in the winter to help with making you look your best and most radiant!

Products I like

1. Coconut Oil– Is amazing for hydration! You can use it on your face and all over your body. You can even cook with it! You can even eat it by the spoonful, if you love the tast of coconut…which I do! The key to properly hydrate is to make sure you skin is moist, pat your skin with a towel right after the shower and then apply this oil. Also try not to take long, hot showers which can zap the moisture right out of your skin.

2.Aquaphor Healing Ointment– This is a great product to heavily moisturize your dry, rough patches on the skin and it’s amazing on your lips! Try not to lick your lips, the saliva will actually dry out your lips and cause them to be more chapped. I would recommend putting this ointment on at night and sleeping with it to absorb all the benefits.

3.Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser– This is nice to use in the winter and I even use it in the summer. I like the fact that is it not too harsh on the skin. It’s a mild formula and it’s easy to rinse off and doesn’t strip your natural oils out of your skin.

4.Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment– Smells so yummy! This is great for our dry, damaged hair in the winter! Protecting your head from the cold and even your strands…warm hats are a def,in this city! Which can create dry, static ridden hair. I love to use this oil treatment at night. A little bit goes a long way! So use it sparingly. Depending on how damaged your hair is you could use it a few times a week lightly on the ends.


Make your own body scrub at home! Use an oil…may it be coconut oil (melted) or olive oil and mix the liquid with some brown sugar to whatever consistency you like. You can even customize this scrub with an essential oil of your favorite scent!

You can find many different oils at your local Whole Food store and Natural Food store in your area. A few oils that are good on the skin in the winter also are Almond Oil ( more moisture), Vitamin E (use sparingly) and Grapeseed Oils (sensitve skin). These are especially good for the face too! Just be careful if your putting on eye makeup to not put too much on in that area…you will end up looking like a raccoon later in the day!

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